Head Office

3-11-8 Chuoh Ota-Ku, Tokyo-Japan

Postal Code: 143-0024

  • Regional Office :Tla'a Ala'li - Alkhawarizmi Street , Bldg. No. 29 ,3rd. Floor - Amman - Jordan 

  •  Affiliated Bureau  : ALNEZAMIEA  CO.  

        Adjacent  to Swiss Inn Plaza Hotel , Dream Land

        - Cairo   - Egypt.   

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トップトレイを外し、鍋やプライパンを置けば料理も出来る! リビングルームの真ん中に置き、湯を沸かせばみんなで紅茶も楽しめることでしょう。更に網を張り、炭に火を付ければ、ストーブで暖まったお部屋で水パイプだって吸えちゃう!




Taking the advantage of its design, “FUJIKA HI-PET Kerosene Heater” not only warms up your home but it also gives you multipurpose to use. If remove the Top-Tray and mount a Casserole or a Frying-Pan, it allows you to cook a meal for your family. Putting it in the center of your Livingroom you may boil water at as well. People around the Heater can enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. Plus by mounting a small square steel net on the top reflector ring you could burn charcoal to enjoy smoking your Water-Pipe (SHISHA) by FUJIKA HI-PET Kerosene Heater in your warmed room.

FUJIKA HI-PET Kerosene Heater will guarantee you relaxation and comfort while warming up your home.