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Fujika Water Pumps are your  best choice 

  High efficiency and low operation costs

  • 3ph Motors with improved IE3 Motor Design and Pumps Equipped with Improved Mechanical Hydraulic Efficiency Impellers (MEI) are the main effective factors in reducing power cost and running cost



  • Pumps wetted parts are made in AISI 316 stainless steel with Viton/Ceramic mechanical seal making pumps the best solution for hundreds of types of liquids.

   Fields of applications:

  • Fujika Japan produces a variety of centrifugal pumps that suit most types of liquids such as/ Clean water handling, Effluent and Sewerage evacuation, Aggressive water containing chemicals and oils, Chilled water and Hot water circulation, Food Processing, Irrigation and landscaping, Pressurization/ transfer of municipal city/building water, water and sewage treatment and many other fields of application.


  Conformity and Marking:

  • FUJIKA products are IECEE (CB) certified and comply with IEC standards in conformity to the applicable European directives CE.

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Fujika stainless steel AISI316 Pumps
FIA-N 30/1.5 
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