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Kerosene Heater

Warm The World With Extreme Safety and Comfort

Yes, it is the FUJIKA Hi-PET Kerosene Heater the Masterpiece of Japanese heating Technology making a comeback by popular demand.

Portable Light and Simple! Endurance with Convenience, Japanese Technology to realize the entire concept into “ FUJIKA HI-PET“ Kerosene Heater with extreme safety.

FUJIKA HI-PET Kerosene Heater, carefully Made in Japan piece by piece, will warm your HOME and HEART.with joy and comfort.

All our kerosene heaters are equipped with a Japan Standard (JIS) high-quality Safety Shut-off device in case of earthquakes and when the heater is accidentally tipped over to assure maximum safety to prevent fires . 

HI-PET Traditional Red 


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HI-PET Traditional Black


 Hi-PET Modern Black

Radiant Type



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