Solar System


One of the most important energy 

The Sun!

People have built their prosperity with the grace of the sun. The day starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. People have lived under the sun through their entire history. In modern days people have discovered a new source of energy. Fossil fuel, which changed their lifestyle and improved their civilization dramatically.

In the 21st century, however, the fossil fuel is considered as a factor to cause environmental damage to the earth, which led people to reconsider the grace of solar energy. 

Having focused its wonderful and amazing energy, Fujika has produced the Solar Water Heating System to utilize the grace of people's future life. Fujika Solar Water Heating System brings a natural grace to your home and warms your grace. 

Ecolia Series 

commercial type series 

solar heater.jpg

Solar Water Heater

Solar Controller 

three-stage evacuated tube 

 Commercial type

tube pic.tif
solar collector.jpg